Creating the
opportunity for underprivileged

girls and women to learn for livelihood


who dare to dream big

opportunity to create

value for the society


Welcome to PBKOJP

The envisioned society that PBK dreams of is a humane value based, self-reliant one, free from all sorts of exploitation and balanced in terms of gender, caste, religion, environmental and socio-economic status.

Strives to provide opportunities for socio-economic and spiritual development of vulnerable group like street and working children, rural poor, women in general and the aberrant youth towards attaining the envisioned society.

Livelihood Projects

Vocational Training Centre
Enhance Skill Development Program

Greenfield Project

Educational Project here to reach a large section of children who are not getting the ray of education

Aftercare Home for boys

Started with a vision to improved future life of these boy by enhanced education


Dr. Rabindranath Mukherjee helping PBKOJP's shelter home inmates by providing toiletries every month as well as by funding their exposure trips on yearly basis

We’re here to support poor people

Fundraising for the People and
Causes you Care About