Majerhat area, this densely populated area is economically important for its geographical position. PBK stride to implement Educational Project here to reach a large section of children who are not getting the ray of education.

PBKOJP started an education center at Majherhat along with Girl-2B Foundation. The entire education system of the center is divided into two sessions. Afternoon session for 28 children who are studying in class 1 to class IV and evening session for 27 children studying class V to class X. These children of Majherhat improved discipline, physique and behavioural status.

We are working with Harijan Community here, the population earn less then Rs, 2000/- as monthly income. Naturally there is a scarcity in every aspect of life. It takes a leap when comes to health issues. We are currently running a general clinic on every Sunday for men, women and children. The physician of the clinic Dr. Bera who is also attached with several renowned hospital and nursing homes.

Dr. Rabindranath Mukherjee is supporting this clinic with free medicine on a yearly basis.